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  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025
  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025
  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025
  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025
  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025
  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025
  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025
  • Next iFX EXPO DUBAI will be held in January 2025


Your Guide to a ​K​nowledge -Packed Experience

  • Come join us at the official iFX EXPO Welcome Party, where you can reconnect with valued clients and forge new connections with potential business partners, all while enjoying a fantastic atmosphere! 

Get ready for a thrilling line-up! 

Get ready for a thrilling line-up! 

Get ready for a thrilling line-up!  

10:40 - 11:20

Tech Renaissance in Trading: Empowering Brokers & Traders

Dinos Michaelides (DGM Tech Solutions), Andrew Ralich (oneZero), Andrew Saks (TraderEvolution Global), Alexis Droussiotis (Match-Trader Trading Platform), Arthur Azizov (B2Broker), Luka Knezic (Tradelocker)

From next-gen trading platforms to AI-driven analytics and blockchain integration, discover the transformative potential of tech in the world of online trading. Stay at the forefront of the industry with insights into compliance tools, cybersecurity measures, and the latest mobile trading developments. Join us as we explore the array of solutions designed to bolster brokers in supporting traders navigating the financial markets.
Building solid cybersecurity foundations.
Business Intelligence as a tool for data driven decisions.
The trends in the next - generation trading platforms.
Raising popularity of crypto processing by FX brokers in MENA.

Dinos Michaelides
Director DGM Tech Solutions
Andrew Ralich
CEO & Co-Founder oneZero
Andrew Saks
Chief Product Officer TraderEvolution Global
Alexis Droussiotis
Head of Match-Trader Platform Match-Trader Trading Platform
Arthur Azizov
CEO & Founder B2Broker
Luka Knezic
Co-Founder Tradelocker
11:30 - 12:00

Fintech Creative Excellence in TikTok

Fedor Balashko (TikTok), Moe Hathat (TikTok), Ege Tuna Diken (Influera)

During this session we will discuss creativity in modern advertising, focusing on Fintech. We will discuss the creative journey; ideation, production and optimization. We will deep dive into each step of the journey along with best practices for Fintech clients, focusing on hero products that clients can leverage to enhance their creative footprint on TikTok.

Fedor Balashko
Head of Sales, Fintech TikTok
Moe Hathat
Advertiser Enablement Lead TikTok
Ege Tuna Diken
Co-Founder& Team Lead Influera
12:10 - 12:50

Economic Outlook: A Domino Symphony of Challenges & Opportunities

Ahmed Allam ( H.H The Ruler's Court), Mazen Salhab (BDSwiss MENA ), Dr. Ryan Lemand (Neovision Wealth Management), João Belo Branco (Emirates NBD)

The geopolitical tensions around the globe may leave central bankers battling new inflationary trends as well as deal a blow to economic confidence. The precise consequences of this turmoil might find market and business behavior facing a delicate balancing act, where risk management, strategic decisions, and adaptability play crucial roles in navigating the turbulent landscape. This panel’s leading experts will discuss:
- How to predict the unpredictable.
- The latest news on commodity markets.
- Oil: What’s next? 

Ahmed Allam
Financial Expert H.H The Ruler's Court
Mazen Salhab
Chief Market Strategist BDSwiss MENA
Dr. Ryan Lemand
Co-Founder & CEO Neovision Wealth Management
João Belo Branco
Global Head of Wealth and Trading - Liv Emirates NBD
14:10 - 14:50

MENA Mavericks: Thriving in the Regional Brokerage Landscape

Hussein Sayed (CNBC Arabia), Kokila Alagh (KARM Legal Consultants), Damian Hitchen (Saxo Bank MENA), Anand Shankaran (NCM Investment KSCC), Khaldoun Sharaiha (ATFX MENA)

The Middle East has emerged as a prime destination for businesses worldwide. It has become a focal point to global investors. Reasons? Rising GDP and a significant influx of business investments. This dynamic panel discussion explores thriving in the MENA business arena, offering practical insights into establishing and growing businesses, securing funding, and forming strategic alliances for sustained success. Don't miss out as we discuss:
- Essential steps to establish and fortify your brokerage business in the MENA region.
- How to adapt in the new era for continuous financial support and expansion?
- The crucial role of partnerships to expand your brokerage footprint in the MENA market 

Hussein Sayed
Anchor at CNBC Arabia CNBC Arabia
Kokila Alagh
Founder & Managing Partner KARM Legal Consultants
Damian Hitchen
CEO Saxo Bank MENA
Anand Shankaran
Head Of Sales - UAE Desk NCM Investment KSCC
Khaldoun Sharaiha
15:00 - 15:40

Paywaves & Beyond: Is the Future Cashless?

Ugne Buraciene (payabl. ), Yohann Marnet (Nuvei), Andrew McCormack (Al Etihad Payments), Zoran Radovanovic (Breinrock), Dina Kahiel (Mastercard)

MENA stands at the cusp of a new era where technology, guided by responsibility and collaboration, promises to redefine the boundaries of banking and financial services to shape a more inclusive financial future. This remarkable surge is not only due to the growth in supporting technologies but also the disruptive forces reshaping the payments landscape. The MENA region's unique demands and circumstances set it apart from the payment ecosystems of Europe and the US, making it a fertile ground for organizations to lead the shift from cash-centric to a digital-first approach. Mastercard and Visa had been enjoying the duopoly in the digital payments sector, but now, a wave of new players is making waves. In this session we will dive into:
- A closer look at regional payment trends.
- Buy Now, Pay later: A new payment standard?
- Ways to mitigate fraud and reduce the incidence of false positives.
- Government policies & other contributing factors. 

Ugne Buraciene
Group CEO payabl.
Yohann Marnet
VP Sales Middle East Nuvei
Andrew McCormack
COO Al Etihad Payments
Zoran Radovanovic
CEO/ Founder Breinrock
Dina Kahiel
Director, Mastercard Experience & Innovation, EEMEA Mastercard
15:50 - 16:30

Canvas of Cryptos: MENA's Contemporary Digital Tapestry

Sam Blatteis (The MENA Catalysts), Chen Arad (Solidus Labs), Leila Hurstel (Verse Estate), Ayad Butt (Zodia Markets), Alex Chehade (Binance), Myriam Ben Sayeh (Mastercard)

Step into the world of cryptocurrency, where the MENA region is taking center stage. With a staggering $389.8 billion in on-chain value received between July 2022 and June 2023, the UAE shines as a global crypto hub. This session extends an exclusive invitation to witness MENA's digital renaissance. Join us to unravel the future of digital assets' trading in this dynamic landscape.
- Explore the UAE's DeFi dominance and its appeal to crypto entrepreneurs.
- The impact of VARA's progressive regulatory approach
- Crypto trading - what's next? 

Sam Blatteis
CEO and Co-Founder The MENA Catalysts
Chen Arad
Co-Founder & CXO Solidus Labs
Leila Hurstel
Board Member and Chief Metaverse Officer Verse Estate
Ayad Butt
Head of Sales and Trading Middle East and Africa Zodia Markets
Alex Chehade
General Manager Binance
Myriam Ben Sayeh
EEMEA Crypto Risk & Innovation Leader Mastercard
16:40 - 17:20

Strategic Playbook: Marketers in the Digital Arena

Elizabeth Rayment (YMM), Maria Xenofontos (FEMIC), Martin Calvert (ICS-digital), Mahitab Allam (Triomarkets), Bojan Ninkovic (Ultimate Fintech)

Embark on a journey into the heart of digital marketing trends without relying on crystal ball predictions From targeting and algorithmic shifts to the tightening embrace of privacy constraints, these aren't just roadblocks—they're opportunities to fine-tune your marketing strategies and lead to customer success. Together with experts, let’s discuss:
- Challenges & solutions in online trading marketing
- Lead Generation Strategies for the Ever-Changing Beat
- The art of reaching your target audience
- Strategic Partnerships & Success Stories 

Elizabeth Rayment
Director YMM
Maria Xenofontos
Founder FEMIC
Martin Calvert
Marketing Director ICS-digital
Mahitab Allam
Marketing & Business Development Manager Triomarkets
Bojan Ninkovic
Head Of Strategy & Digital Ultimate Fintech
11:00 - 11:40

The Quantum Revolution: Reinventing Finance

Malak Trabelsi Loeb (Vernewell Management Consultancies), Hani Hamdan (QuantBot - FZCO), Utpal Chakraborty (IntellAI), Dr. Pramod Kumar (Quantlase laboratory)

Another disruptive force is on the horizon: Quantum Computing. Initially regarded as a mere curiosity, quantum computing has swiftly transitioned into a pervasive reality. Financial institutions and professionals find themselves at the forefront of this rapidly evolving landscape, meticulously scrutinising the potential impact, dangers, and benefits of it. Discover the intricate intersection of finance and quantum computing and gain insights into what lies ahead.
- How quantum computing is reshaping financial & investment realms
- The potential risks related to data privacy & sensitive information
- Strategies for future adoption & optimization of quantum potential


Malak Trabelsi Loeb
Founder & MD Vernewell Management Consultancies
Hani Hamdan
Founder and CEO QuantBot - FZCO
Utpal Chakraborty
Chief Technology Officer IntellAI
Dr. Pramod Kumar
Director of Research & Innovatio Quantlase laboratory
11:50 - 12:30

Balancing Profit & Planet: The Future of Finance

Gustavo Antonio Montero (Carter Capital), Ed Hancock (Pelican Exchange), Amna Usman Chaudhry (Financial Economist & Strategist for Blockchain, Metaverse & Web 3.0), Mazen Salhab (BDSwiss MENA ), Kevin Iwanaga (KBI ADVISORY GROUP)

Traditionally recognized for its abundant oil revenues, MENA region now stands at a crossroads, grappling with challenges and embracing newfound opportunities as the global trajectory aligns towards a net-zero future. The strategic allocation of resources into renewable energy, concerted efforts to expand the green capital market, and a growing emphasis on impact investing all form the building blocks for elevating the region's contribution to the sustainable finance movement. This panel discussion will explore:
- Diverse Policies & Initiatives across the Region
- MENA’s Green Financial Future - The Inherent Risks & Complexities
- How businesses must navigate to harness the full potential of this transition.


Gustavo Antonio Montero
Founder/Chairman Carter Capital
Ed Hancock
Director of Operations Pelican Exchange
Amna Usman Chaudhry
Financial Economist & Strategist for Blockchain, Metaverse & Web 3.0
Mazen Salhab
Chief Market Strategist BDSwiss MENA
Kevin Iwanaga
12:40 - 13:10

The Rising Importance of Liquidity Risk

Bojan Ninkovic (Ultimate Fintech), ​Hayel Abu Hamdan (Hantec Markets)

Join us for a fireside chat to discuss the risks of having poor liquidity solutions, from having limited access to your funds to having to deal with poor IT infrastructure and connectivity. In the session we will cover how to identify a good liquidity partner and the different solutions they can offer to avoid risk.
What are the risks of poor liquidity solutions?
- What makes a liquidity partner good?  
- How to identify a good provider and what to look out for.
- The different solutions a liquidity partner can provide. 

Bojan Ninkovic
Head Of Strategy & Digital Ultimate Fintech
​Hayel Abu Hamdan
​Chief Commercial Officer Hantec Markets
14:10 - 14:50

Risk Management 2.0: Beyond Tradition

Tom Higgins (Gold-i ), Chris Paraskeva (Dealio), Nikunj Tagadiya (Techysquad), Dmitri Balabanov Makrides (Quadcode)

Technological advancements, evolving regulatory standards, and changing customer behaviours seem to play a significant role in the transformation of risk management as we are heading in 2024. The main question for businesses still remains - how to predict, prevent and adapt in an effective and cost friendly manner? Together with experts, let’s discuss:
- What are the main obstacles businesses and risk managers should be aware of?
- Will traditional risk management jobs become obsolete in the advent of the AI revolution?
- RegTech and how it is shaping the future of risk management.


Tom Higgins
Founder & CEO Gold-i
Chris Paraskeva
CEO & Co-founder Dealio
Nikunj Tagadiya
CTO Techysquad
Dmitri Balabanov Makrides
Head of Dealing on own account Quadcode
15:00 - 15:20

Successful People Strategies Lead to Profitable Business Models

Konstantinos Kareklas (Ultimate Fintech), Marianna Hadjiandoniou (PERHA Group | PERHA Middle East | Parimatch Cyprus)

In the pursuit of profitable business models, great ideas won't suffice. To thrive, one must embrace a comprehensive approach, emphasizing constant focus and organization, market awareness, and the crucial element—people. Harnessing the potential of a motivated team can be a cornerstone of success. Marianna’s Hadjiandoniou motto "Happy to make them happy," emphasizes the dual rewards of employee satisfaction: a joyful workplace and enhanced business outcomes. Konstantinos’ Kareklas motto “Every organization is unique, like all the others”, emphasize that unique people strategies that prioritize employee experience prove instrumental, since not only foster a rewarding atmosphere but also impact overall business results. Join us in delving into the symbiotic relationship between people strategies and profitable business models. 

Konstantinos Kareklas
COO Ultimate Fintech
Marianna Hadjiandoniou
Founder & Director of PERHA Group | HR Director of Parimatch Cyprus PERHA Group | PERHA Middle East | Parimatch Cyprus
15:40 - 16:20

Charting New Territories: From CFDs to Futures?

Richard Stoker (CME Group), Richard Elston (CMC Connect ), Shahab Hashemi (Marex MENA), Nicholas Spencer-Skeen (APM Capital)

Explore the changing landscape of CFD brokers worldwide as they confront mounting regulatory challenges and navigate the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This analysis delves into the pivotal need for brokers to diversify their trading instruments amidst regulatory pressures, shedding light on the risks and opportunities presented by this evolving environment. Highlighting the transition from CFDs to Futures, this panel discussion discovers:
- Market forces & challenges in CFD Trading
- The essential need for brokers to expand their trading instrument portfolio
- How this shift stands as a potential win-win for both brokers and end-users 

Richard Stoker
Executive Director, EMEA Head of Proprietary and Retail Trading, Global Head of Platform Solutions CME Group
Richard Elston
Group Head of Institutional CMC Connect
Shahab Hashemi
Senior Executive Officer Marex MENA
Nicholas Spencer-Skeen
Senior Executive Officer APM Capital
10:30 - 10:50

2024 Market Outlook: Next Trading Trends

Naeem Aslam (Nasdaq | Zaye Capital Markets), Wael Makarem (Exness), Richard Stoker (CME Group)

Elevate your trading journey and unlock your success while looking towards the market opportunities in 2024. Explore market trends, risk assessment, and strategies to equip yourself with tools and knowledge needed to make informed decisions.
- Which sectors should you look into to diversify your portfolio?
- From CFDs to Futures?
- Crypto trading ups and downs
- How to predict and prepare for any economic uncertainty 

Naeem Aslam
Columnist | CIO Nasdaq | Zaye Capital Markets
Wael Makarem
Financial Markets Strategists Lead Exness
Richard Stoker
Executive Director, EMEA Head of Proprietary and Retail Trading, Global Head of Platform Solutions CME Group
11:00 - 11:40

PropTrading: How the Best Traders Trade

Otakar Suffner (FTMO)

Let's see what traders with 100+ payouts have in common. We will discuss statistics and approaches of the best traders we have worked with in almost 10 years of running the largest prop trading business.  

Otakar Suffner
11:50 - 12:35

Know-How Series I Set Up Your Brokerage Business pt1

iFX EXPO Dubai 2024 is introducing the Know-How Series where all the burning questions will be answered to successfully start your own brokerage business. Starting a brokerage business can be a challenging process, therefore, iFX EXPO Know-How Series are built to guide you through the most important aspects together with industry experts & pioneers throughout the course of the two expo days.

11:50 - 12:10

Legal Labyrinths: Step-by-Step Guide to Set up a Brokerage

Constantinos Constantinides (FAI COMPLY), Sam Blatteis (The MENA Catalysts)

Let’s look into the benefits of starting your own brokerage business and how to do it in the most effective possible way. From choosing your broker type, to obtaining a licence and remaining compliant. Here is your guide through the legal labyrinths. What are the main regulatory bodies and how to remain compliant in the changing and growing regulatory landscape? 

Constantinos Constantinides
Sam Blatteis
CEO and Co-Founder The MENA Catalysts
12:15 - 12:35

Trading Platforms: What to Have in Mind?

Andrew Mreana (Spotware Systems / cTrader ), Jon Light (Devexperts)

Choosing a trading platform as a broker is another crucial step when starting a brokerage business.
What are the aspects you should consider, when making the decision? How to choose a platform that would suit both your and your clients’ needs effectively? 

Andrew Mreana
Head of Growth Spotware Systems / cTrader
Jon Light
Director, Head of OTC Product Devexperts
12:50 - 13:10

Mastering The Art of Trading & Investing with Hasnae Taleb, nominated as the Shewolf of Nasdaq

Anna Makrides (UF Agency), Hasnae Taleb (Mintiply Capital )

Join the exclusive interview with the renowned and multi-awarded trading expert Hasnae Taleb who's currently managing a portfolio of more than $4.8Bn AUM. Delve into the secrets of successful trading, as Ms Taleb shares her knowledge and experience. Explore the seamless integration of trading and investing to elevate your financial strategies and enhance your financial literacy. Don’t miss out an immersive experience that combines:
•        Theory with practical strategies towards sustainable success.
•        Common traits of the most recognized traders.
•        The importance of discipline & adaptability. 

Anna Makrides
COO UF Agency
Hasnae Taleb
Muti-Award Winning Stock Trader Mintiply Capital
14:00 - 14:45

Know-How Series I Set Up Your Brokerage Business pt2

iFX EXPO Dubai 2024 is introducing the Know-How Series where all the burning questions will be answered to successfully start your own brokerage business. Starting a brokerage business can be a challenging process, therefore, iFX EXPO Know-How Series are built to guide you through the most important aspects together with industry experts & pioneers throughout the course of the two expo days.

14:00 - 14:20

Liquidity Checklist: What to Look for?

Demetris A. Tsingis (FINCAP Advisers), Andreas Kapsos (Match-Prime Liquidity)

Finding excellent liquidity is crucial whether you are a well seasoned or a recently established broker. What should you keep in mind when looking for a liquidity provider? 

Demetris A. Tsingis
Managing Partner FINCAP Advisers
Andreas Kapsos
CEO Match-Prime Liquidity
14:25 - 14:45

The Key to a Competitive Platform: Connectivity

Rauan Khassan (TradingView), Elina Pedersen (Your Bourse ), Shmulik (Sam) Kordova (Leverate)

Starting a brokerage firm involves careful consideration of various factors, and platform connectivity is a critical aspect of the process of creating a robust and competitive trading platform. Let’s have a closer look on what third party integrations should be taken into consideration? 

Rauan Khassan
Vice President, International Growth TradingView
Elina Pedersen
Chief Revenue Officer Your Bourse
Shmulik (Sam) Kordova
CCO Leverate
14:55 - 15:15

Smart Trading: Risk & Money Management Essentials

Kaia-Reet Parv (CrediLinq.Ai), ​Hayel Abu Hamdan (Hantec Markets), Peter Karsten (STARTRADER Prime)

Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, this session offers practical insights and actionable techniques to enhance your risk and money management skills. Together with experts, discover what are key principles that are crucial for preserving capital, maximising returns, and fostering long-term success in the dynamic world of trading?


Kaia-Reet Parv
Chief Investment Officer CrediLinq.Ai
​Hayel Abu Hamdan
​Chief Commercial Officer Hantec Markets
Peter Karsten
15:25 - 15:45

Trading in the Age of Intelligence: Harnessing AI Tools

Mauro Carosso (BxT.Ai), Oren Danziger (Finvasia/ZuluTrade), Andrew Lane (Acuity)

Stay at the forefront of technological innovation and discover the AI-driven strategies that can elevate your trading journey. Gain insights into the latest AI tools transforming trading practices, from advanced analytics to algorithmic trading strategies. Join us for an exploration of how artificial intelligence is shaping the future of financial markets and learn how to leverage these powerful tools for smarter, more efficient trading decisions.   

Mauro Carosso
Founder & CEO BxT.Ai
Oren Danziger
Managing Director, Finvasia Wealth Finvasia/ZuluTrade
Andrew Lane
CEO Acuity
11:00 - 11:40

AI Horizons: Designing the Future of Brokerage

Kaia-Reet Parv (CrediLinq.Ai), Tannya Jajal (AIDEN), Toby Olshanetsky (Atomix), Prateek Bansal (Grey Chain), Andrew Lane (Acuity), Aeby Samuel (FYNXT)

Brace yourself for a seismic shift as AI emerges at the forefront, fundamentally altering the dynamics of online trading. This dynamic session will delve into the concrete impact of AI in the financial services sector, exploring bespoke tools tailored to elevate broker performance and redefine trader strategies. This discussion is your gateway to understanding and navigating the unfolding future of AI in the heart of the MENA region's technological evolution.
Join us for an insightful exploration into:
- Predictive AI in online trading - Risks & Opportunities
- The ethical challenges of AI in finance
- The broader implications for the financial landscape in the region 

Kaia-Reet Parv
Chief Investment Officer CrediLinq.Ai
Tannya Jajal
Founder, AIDEN Think Tank AIDEN
Toby Olshanetsky
CEO Atomix
Prateek Bansal
Co-Founder & GenAI Head Grey Chain
Andrew Lane
CEO Acuity
Aeby Samuel
Founder & CEO FYNXT
11:50 - 12:30

Dubai as a Fintech Hub: A Rising Star

Nihal Abughattas (Ozone API), Mary Ghobrial (McKinsey | Yoox Net a Porter group), Nameer Khan (MENA Fintech Association | FILS), Samir Safar-Aly (Baker & McKenzie LLP), Serena Sebastiani (PwC Middle East), Mo Ali Yusuf (Fuze)

The MENA region opens huge opportunities for fintechs thanks to the scale of the market attracting notice as a leading crypto hub in the making. Government support and fintech-friendly regulations are also fostering homegrown entrepreneurship in the region and attracting global players. At the same time open banking creates an opportunity, for either traditional financial institutions or fintechs, to build applications ranging from payments to lending on top of its API infrastructure. This panel will discuss about:
- The main pillars for fintech growth in the region
- Free zones as fundamental tool to foster the ecosystem
- The unsurprisingly booming local Startup Scene 

Nihal Abughattas
Regional GM, Middle East & Africa Ozone API
Mary Ghobrial
Senior Advisor | Advisor McKinsey | Yoox Net a Porter group
Nameer Khan
Chairman | Founder MENA Fintech Association | FILS
Samir Safar-Aly
Senior Counsel | MENA FinTech & AI Lead Baker & McKenzie LLP
Serena Sebastiani
Director of Financial Services Advisory PwC Middle East
Mo Ali Yusuf
CEO Fuze
12:40 - 13:00

The Disruptive Role of Technology in Capital Markets

Damian Bunce (Exness)

We look at the impact technology has played in the shaping of modern-day capital markets. Disruption over the last two decades in Equities, FX, and now Crypto, has brought about a modern-day phenomenon.

Damian Bunce
Chief Customer Officer Exness
14:00 - 14:40

Prop Trading Revolution: A Look Ahead

Andrea Badiola Mateos (Finance Magnates Group), Otakar Suffner (FTMO), Andreas Pilavakis (The Trading Pit), Gary Mullen (FunderPro), Victor Ivanov (Brokeree Solutions), Petros Kalaitzis (Tools for Brokers )

In 2024, the prop trading landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, where innovative technology takes center stage. Proprietary trading firms are pioneering a fresh approach, leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, artificial intelligence, and advanced data analytics to gain a competitive edge. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to providing traders with robust support, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary for success in this dynamic arena.
Innovations & Strategies in Prop Trading in 2024.
- Prop trading firms turn to the Middle East?
- Regulatory & Compliance matters
- Tech to stay ahead: build in-house or outsource? 

Andrea Badiola Mateos
Chief Commercial Officer Finance Magnates Group
Otakar Suffner
Andreas Pilavakis
Head of Customer Support The Trading Pit
Gary Mullen
Co-Founder and CEO FunderPro
Victor Ivanov
Regional Head of Business Development (EMEA) Brokeree Solutions
Petros Kalaitzis
Head of Cyprus Office Tools for Brokers
14:50 - 15:30

Liquidity Dynamics: Redefining Strategies for Success

Hormoz Faryar (ATFX Connect ), Sam Johnson (ISAM Securities), Mohammed Younis (Noor Clearing), John Murillo (B2Broker), Mohammad Isbeer (Equiti Capital)

The liquidity landscape in the MENA region stands as a testament to the region's evolving economic dynamics. With an emphasis on economic diversification and regulatory reforms, the region has witnessed a notable increase in liquidity across various sectors.The MENA region is not only attracting international prime brokers but also witnessing a surge in 'prime of prime' services, reflecting the growing interest in the region's financial markets. Key drivers include robust oil prices, strategic infrastructure investments, and a growing focus on technology and innovation. However, challenges persist, from geopolitical tensions to the need for sustainable financing solutions and hedge funds' growing concerns for reduced access to liquidity due to FX PB market changes. This session will delve into:
- The intricate balance of liquidity in the MENA region
- The forces shaping MENA’s trajectory
- Necessary strategies for sustainable growth  

Hormoz Faryar
Managing Director - Dubai ATFX Connect
Sam Johnson
Managing Director ISAM Securities
Mohammed Younis
Head of Institutional Sales Noor Clearing
John Murillo
Chief Dealing Officer B2Broker
Mohammad Isbeer
Global Head of Brokerage Sales Equiti Capital
15:40 - 16:20

MENA Watch: Discussing the Future of Cybersecurity in the Region

Tom Higgins (Gold-i ), Marta de Zavala (Cysuite), Dragos Dabija (Lean Technologies), Naveen Bharadwaj (Trescon)

Cybersecurity within the dynamic landscape of the MENA region, takes center stage as cyberattacks have increased in frequency and sophistication due to the increased digitalization of the region’s economy and enterprises. As a result of this attacks, businesses may suffer serious financial and reputational losses. This has boosted demand for cybersecurity and technology solutions to defend against them, prevent fraud and to ensure their client’s trust. The expanding digital landscape, and the necessity of digital transformation initiatives are all driving the MENA region’s cybersecurity market toward significant growth. This discussion will explore:
- Cybersecurity as an essential safeguard for businesses, institutions & individuals.
- New technologies in preventing AML & fighting against financial crime
- Compliance & Regulation around cybersecurity

Tom Higgins
Founder & CEO Gold-i
Marta de Zavala
CEO Cysuite
Dragos Dabija
Head of Information Security Lean Technologies
Naveen Bharadwaj
Group CEO Trescon